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Micro King 4 Channel RC Helicopter

Micro King 4 Channel RC Helicopter SKU MK7000

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Micro King 4 is one the smoothest 4 channel Micro RC Helicopters you can buy. The Micro King 4 has a tiny 8.6 inch rotor diameter and 1.5 ounce weight. Includes Infra-red 4 ch Radio and USB charger. Features LED color flashing lights for cool effects. Durable Metal Chassis and an enclosed tail motor make the Micro King 4 stand out from other flimsy Micro RC Helicopters. Controls: The Micro King 4 can be controlled to go up, down, forward, backward lean left, lean right and turns left and right. Flight Time: Can fly up to 8 minutes on one charge. Charger: The charger is built into the radio and as a BONUS! also includes a USB cable that can get power from a laptop or desktop computer. Channel A,B,C; The Micro King 4 has 3 different channels built into each radio (A,B,C) that allows for 3 RC helicopters to fly at one time.

Specs: 4 Channel Infrared Radio with trim Tabs Durable Aluminum Lightweight Chassis Built In LED color Lights USB Charger 3 Channel Built Into Radio - A/B/C Enclosed Tail Motor

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