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Alkaline Water

Why you should drink ionized alkaline water?

If you drink soda, tea, coffee, bottle water or water filtered by Reverse Osmosis (R/O)* system or consume meat, dairy or processed grain or have stress or live in a polluted environment, it is likely that you have metabolic acidosis. Acidosis occurs when the pH level drop below 7.0. Acids are simply free radicals but with high concentration of hydrogen ions (H+)or cations that are broken off from hydrogen atoms in an aqueous solution after losing electrons. The more acidic the body is, the more free radicals the body contains, the more health or stable cells will be damaged by free radicals.

*According to, R/O can significantly lower the alkalinity of the product water and cause decreased pH and increased corrosivity of the product water

How free radicals can damage your health?

Free radicals are molecules, atom, ions or damaged cells with unpaired electrons (e-) in their outer orbits and always trying to pair their electrons by robbing electrons from nearby stable cells in DNA. Once the stable cells loss electrons, then they become free radicals which will repeat the same activity again. This chemical chain reaction can go on and on and cause more damage on more stable cells. The loss of electrons by a molecule, atom, or ion is the process of oxidation. We often notice the oxidation occurs on the rusted metals or cut apples. For a human body, this is the cause of aging and many diseases including cancer.

How we can prevent or slow down the oxidation in our bodies?

It is impossible to totally prevent oxidation in our bodies since some free radicals are the byproducts of cellular metabolism. However, we can slow down or minimize oxidation related to intake or polluted environment by changing our intake, such as eating more alkaline foods which contain high antioxidants instead of acidic foods, drink ionized alkaline water which contains strong antioxidants instead of soda, tea, coffee, bottled water, etc. By the way, a lot of bottled water is simply filled with R/O water and acidic. OurĀ  Chanson water ionizers can produce the ionized alkaline water which carries negative electrical charges and contains most potent antioxidants which are ready to neutralize the free radicals by donating electrons.

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