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Gemstones have been important elements of human civilization from ancient Egypt, Babylon, India, Rome, Greece to China. Due to beauty and rarity of gemstones, they have been given various cultural meanings such as magic powers, protection, happiness, good luck, truth, fidelity, serenity, strength, courage, clarity, creativity, and many others which mankind are always hope for. In the first century, Jewish historian Flavius Josephus associated gemstones to twelve months and zodiac signs. In 15th century, jewelry makers or traders in Germany created the first birthstone list. The modem birthstones were defined by the National Association of Jewelers in 1912 and updated by the Jewelry Industry Council of America in 1952 by adding alexandrite and citrine. In 2002, the America Gem Trade Association added tanzanite to December. Here is the list of birthstones and their symbolic meanings:

 Garnet – the birthstone for January and the gem of second anniversary, garnet has a fiery red color and symbolizes truth, perseverance, and safe traveling. Red garnet is one of most common and widespread of gems. In addition to red garnet, there are also rare orange, green, purple, and blue garnets. It is mainly mined in near Tsavo National Park in Kenya.

 Amethyst – the birthstone for February and the gem of 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries, amethyst symbolizes means protection, motivation, sincerity, strong love relationship, clear mind, relaxation, mental health, and motivation. It is largely produced in Brazil and South Africa.

Aquamarine – the birthstone for March and the gem of 19th wedding anniversary, aquamarine has a greenish blue color, like ocean water blue, symbolizes happiness in marriage, hope, courage, clarity, foresight, and knowledge. Aquamarine is mined in high elevated Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan. There is also a second birthstone for March. It is bloodstone, means courage.

 Diamond – the birthstone for April and the gem of 60th and 75th of wedding anniversaries, diamond has colorless and purity in nature and is one of most beautiful and precious gemstone on earth. Diamond is formed under high pressure and exists 100 miles underneath of earth. It is hardest gemstone on earth due to its carbon atoms bonded in the same way in all direction. It is expensive since it can only be mined for 1 part from million parts of rocks. There is trillion carat diamond in the remote star Lucy but it is 50 light years far away. As the April’s birthstone, diamond symbolizes courage, strength, purity, eternity and romance in love.

 Emerald - the birthstone for May and the gem of 12th and 35th wedding anniversaries, green emerald symbolizes growth, health, wisdom, and prosperity. Emerald is mostly mined in South Africa and South America.

 Pearl – the birthstone for June and the gem of 3rd and 30th wedding anniversaries, pearl symbolizes the purity, modesty, and happy marriage. Pearl is probably most-loved gem of all time due to its perfect shinning but soft pure white sphere. Pearl is also available in black, gray, or chocolate color. Another birthstone for June is alexandrite which was first discovered in Ural Mountains in Russian 1830. Alexandrite has the magic colors which can change from red to green under different light sources. Alexandrite symbolizes love and happiness. The third birthstone for June is moonstone. Moonstone has the color like moonlight glowing in water. Moonstone symbolizes health and longevity with spiritual clarity.

 Ruby - the birthstone for July and the gems of 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries, red ruby is considered as “king of gems” and has the highest per-carat price in all colored gems. Red ruby symbolizes integrity, harmony, strength, success, and protection.

 Peridot – the birthstone for August and the gems of 15th wedding anniversary, peridot is found in lava, meteorites and mountains of Myanmar and Pakistan, has yellow-green color, symbolizes strength, faith, relaxation, and fidelity.

 Sapphire – the birthstone for September and the gems of 5th and 45th wedding anniversaries, blue sapphire signifies purity, wisdom, loyalty, clarity and serenity. Sapphires can also have green, pink, orange, and purple.

 Opal – the birthstone for October, opal contains around 20% of water in it and has beautiful galaxy-like lightning colors, means purity, creativity, hope and magic power. Opal is mostly mined in Australia, Mexico, US, and Brazil. The second birthstone for October is tourmaline. Tourmaline has few different beautiful colors and signifies the hope, magic power and creativity.

 Citrine – the birthstone for November and the gems of 13th anniversary, citrine has transparent pale yellow to orange color and symbolizes mental clarity, creativity, energy and self-esteem. Citrine is most purchased yellow gems but naturally rare. Most citrines are heat treated amethyst gemstones. Another birthstone for November is yellow topaz. Topaz signifies mental clarity, creativity, self-confidence, serenity, courage and wisdom.

 Topaz – the birthstone for December and the gems of 4th anniversary, blue Topaz represents a happy life, love, fidelity, and healing power. Another birthstone for December is turquoise. The vivid blue turquoise is found in only few dry and barren regions such as Arizona, north Mexico, Iran, and Egypt. Turqouise symbolizes mental protection, happiness, good luck, fortune, peace and friendship. The tanzanite is also the birthstone for December, which was added by the America Gem Trade Association in 2002. The exotic blue tanzanite is discovered in Tanzania near majestic Kilimajaro in 1967. Tanzanite signifies the spiritual energy and healing power.

Authentic Gemstones

    In today's market, there are 100% natural precious gemstones and also artificial, modified, fake, lab-grown, or synthetic gemstones or diamonds. Cubic Zirconia is an entirely artificial stone, for example. The trusted sellers always labels clearly if stones are natural or not. When you shop for jewelries with natural gemstone, you need to make sure if stones are authentic 100% natural precious gemstone with certified appraisals with details about the independently assessed retail cost of every jewelry and details such as the cut, color, clarity and weight of the precious stone. At, we carry only 100% authentic gemstones with certified appraisal for each jewelry. All our jewelries are made in U.S.A.

    Gold or Silver Quality

      Make sure the metals used for jewelries are solid gold or sterling silver. Solid gold and sterling silver are highest quality metals that can last ages. At, we only carry jewelry products which are made of solid gold or sterling silver.

      14K (14 karat) Solid Gold vs 18K or 24K Solid Gold

        “K” stands for Karat used to measure the gold purity. 24K gold means 99.95% purity; 18K means 75.0% purity; 14K means 58.5% purity, and so on.

        Since 24K gold is very soft and can be easily bended or scratched with slightest pressure. In order to boost gold strength, manufactures alloy it with a blend of various metals such as copper, silver, palladium and zinc. Since gold’s weight is devised in 24 parts, 14K gold means 14 parts gold to 10 parts various metals. 14K gold has 58.5% gold in it with more strength than 18K gold but more gold than 10K gold. 14K gold is most preferred and desired balance of strength and gold purity. In fact that almost 90% of all wedding and engagement rings sold in US are 14K gold. It is most popular choice in US.


        Gold-filled or gold alloy is a US layered gold (2 or 3 layers) which is bonded to the surface of the brass core. It is legally required to contain 5% or 1/20 gold by weight. For example, 14k gold-filled is 14/20 gold by weight. Gold-filled can keep its golden shine for lifetime and is easy to care. Gold-filled is a quality material common in all types of jewelry in US, Europe and Asia.


        Plated gold has a miniscule layer of solid gold applied to a brass base. The gold layer percentage is about 0.05% or less and can be wore off quickly and doesn’t stand up to heat or water.

        Fine Jewelry

        Fine jewelry is made of precious metals including sterling silver, gold (bonded, yellow, rose, white, tri-color), and platinum metals such as platinum, osmium, iridium, palladium, rhodium, and ruthenium.

        Fine jewelry gems including natural precious or semi-precious gemstones such as aventurine, beryl, chalcedony, idoclite, jade, lapis, padparadscha, pezzottaite,lazuli, tsavorite, morganite, and birthstone mentioned above.

        Fine jewelry pearls including natural and cultured pearls such as south sea, Tahitian, Majorca, akoya, hybrid, south sea baroque, biwa, Chinese freshwater, Majorca, keshi, mabe.

        Fine jewelry can also be made of underlying precious metal and plated with previous metals, gold-filled metal, and vermeil (2.5 micron thick or thicker layer over sterling silver).

        Fashion Jewelry or Cosmetic Jewelry

        Fashion jewelry does not contain precious metals, gemstones or sem-precious gemstones, pearls or diamonds contained in the fine jewelry.

        Fashion jewelry normally contains brass, copper, cobalt, stainless steel, iron, pyrite, tungsten or titanium as it base metal.

        Fashion jewelry gemstones can be one of bloodstone, blue zircon, quartz, and many other none precious gemstones.

        Fashion jewelry pearls can include the simulated or faux pearls. It can also use glass, plastic, resin, rubber, shell, horn, leather or wood as its materials.

        Conflict-Free Diamonds

          Conflict diamonds or blood diamonds or war diamonds are diamonds mined during the civil wars in Angola, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and other nations and traded for funding violation. In order to promote world peace and morally just society, the conflict diamond trading and importation are banned by United Nation, World Diamond Congress, and US Government since 1998. Conflict-free Diamonds are diamonds coming from non-conflict sources and certified by World Diamond Council. At JCLmart, we only carry jewelry products with conflict-free diamonds.

          GIA Diamond Grading

          Color Chart:
          D-F - Colorless
          G-J - Near colorless
          K-M - Faint yellow
          N-Z - Light briown or yellow

          Clarity chart:
          FL - Flawless. No inclusion and blemishes visible under 10x magnification
          IF - Internally Flawless. No inclusion visible under 10x magnification
          VVS1, VVS2 - Very Very Slightly Included. Hard for to see under 10x magnification
          VS1, VS2 - Very Slightly Included. Inclusion visible under 10x magnification
          SI1, SI2 - Slightly INcluded. Visible under 10x magnification
          I1, I2, I3 - Included. Obvious under 10x magnification. May effect transparency and brilliance

          Diamond Weight:
          ct - carat, 1 ct = 200mg = 0.2g = 100 points
          CTW, CWT, TDW, TW - Carat Total Weight for multiple diamonds or gems

          Diamond shapes:

          925 Sterling Silver

            Similar to pure gold, pure silver is extremely soft and can be easily broken at slightest pressure. To boost silver strength, it is alloyed with various metals. The 925 Sterling Silver means 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper.

            Find Your Ring Size

            Find your ring size is in easy steps:
            1. Circle your finger with a paper strip, not too tight, not too loose.
            2. Cut the strip at the length of circumference, for 6mm wide band ring, allow 1 extra millimeter.
            3. Measure the length of strip.
            4. Use the value from step 3 to find your ring size in the conversion chart below
            5. Double check your ring size when your finger is warmer or colder.

            Another way to find your ring size is to go to a local store and try it out for your size. Your ring should fit on your finger comfortably without too much pressure and slipping off.

              Inside Circumference Inside Diameter 
            Ring Size MM Inches MM Inches
            5 49.32 1.94 15.7 0.618
            5.5 50.58 1.99 16.1 0.634
            6 51.87 2.04 16.51 0.65
            6.5 53.16 2.09 16.92 0.666
            7 54.51 2.15 17.35 0.683
            7.5 55.76 2.2 17.75 0.699
            8 57.15 2.25 18.19 0.716
            8.5 58.21 2.29 18.53 0.729
            9 59.34 2.35 18.89 0.748
            9.5 60.98 2.4 19.41 0.764
            10 62.33 2.45 19.84 0.781
            10.5 63.46 2.5 20.2 0.797
            11 64.97 2.56 20.68 0.814


            Necklace Length








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