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Water Ionizer (7-Plate, Convertible Counter-Top) Chanson Miracle M.A.X. - Brand New

Water Ionizer (7-Plate, Convertible Counter-Top) Chanson Miracle M.A.X. - Brand New

  • $2,195.00

Product Description

  • This water ionizer is our Chanson Miracle M.A.X.™ model which can produce the strong ionized alkaline water and acid water which is powerful enough to be used for disinfecting by doctors, hospitals, dentists, spas, vets, restaurants, the food industry, and home use.
  • Our Chanson Miracle M.A.X.™ water ionizer is the first and only water ionizer using mineral rich nutritional Himalayan rock salt injection instead of a bleach/salt injection that leaves toxic residue on your ionization plates.
  • The M.A.X.™ water ionizer will make both strong alkaline waters and acid water which is powerful enough to be used for disinfecting by doctors, hospitals, dentists, spas, vets, restaurants, the food industry, and home use.
  • In order to get benefits of alkaline water ionizers and  make strong ionized acid water, your source water must have all the right ingredients, and 30% of USA customers cannot achieve this strong acid water without alteration regardless of which brand ionizer they have due to source water issues.
  • But now 100% of M.A.X. users will be able to achieve this super ionized acid water which has been third party verified to kill e-coli and Staph on contact by simply dropping a rock of Himalayan rock salt* into the basket and choosing the acid water setting.
  • While other ionizers that can reach a 3 pH and below can only do so by producing water at a slow trickle--which can make filling up a spray bottle a long and arduous task--the M.A.X. can make this all natural and non-toxic strong acid water at up to ½ liter per minute!
  • Bigger Plates, Smaller Unit - Size matters & larger plates allow for better water flow Featuring seven (7) of the largest, nano-coated, titanium plates on the world market, with a full 246.5 square inch total ionization surface area that can outperform even an 9-plate ionizer.
  • Chanson titanium electrode plates have been independently lab tested at 99.998% pure titanium! M.A.X. is one of the smallest seven plate countertop water ionizers in the world so it takes up less of your counter space (or undercounter space if you decide to convert it). You may not be able to tell, but some of the brands you may be considering are HUGE and can even block your access to outlets and cupboards.
  • The Highest and Lowest pH Levels of Any Ionizer Ranges: pH = 1.8 to 12.1 ORP = +1200 to -920 Note: pH and ORP always depend on source water and vary as with any brand. Water tested in Laguna Hills, CA
  • RAD self-cleaning system - The Radial Action De-Calcification self-cleaning system is another breakthrough utilized on the Chanson M.A.X. that will extend the life of the ionizer to minimize the calcium build-up inside the plate cell so the water ionizer can maintain its superior performance even in the hardest of waters tested in 1300 ppm Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) "hard" water which is about four times harder than average USA hard water.
  • Onboard Flow Control Valve and Micro-Adjustable pH Settings - Use your advanced ceramic side mounted control flow valve--the first of its kind in the water ionizer industry--to increase or decrease flow rate and water strength for best results. The M.A.X. water ionizer also.
  • Touch screen panel - allows you to adjust the setting at every pH level using the touch screen panel.
  • Requires Less Power (150 watts only) and generate less heat so all components will last longer, without Sacrificing Performance.
  • Commercial Grade, Non-Heat Generating Power Supply - utilizes 4th generation SMPS, the same power supply used in the newest 3D flat panel TVs and can run all day long at the strongest power level without overheating.
  • Onboard Chemical-Free Filter Super easy to change! The Chanson Miracle M.A.X.™ contains a chemical-free, one micron silver-impregnanted coconut shell carbon block filter which addresses some basic chemical contaminants like chlorine and chloramines and helps protect the machine itself. No dangerous or unproven ingredients in our drinking water filters!
  • Excellent Flow Rate ½ Gallon (2 Liters) Per Minute - our most effective flow rate from the alkaline spout with at least -200 ORP.
  • Beware of companies claiming higher flow rates--they are usually combining the total flow of the acid and alkaline waters which is misleading. Some other companies also quote the flow capacity of the machine based on nothing but the amount of water it can produce, NOT the quality.  Ex: The Chanson Miracle can flow water at 8 liters per minute, but the ORP will be so weak it will be ineffective.
  • Auto Memory Save & Advanced CPU - The auto memory save feature saves your settings even after power outages, so you can set it once and forget about it.
  • Fully Waterproof Touch-Screen Display pH, water flow speed, filter life, speaker volume level and setting number are on full display on a waterproof touch panel screen with no grease-collecting buttons.
  • Easy Installation - Can be installed with standard included faucet diverter, direct ¼” tube, or with a Chanson G2 accessory faucet. All are super easy installs and the included video will walk you through each step.
Please THOROUGHLY read the Installation Manuals and Warranty information FIRST before attempting to install any water products.

Please click the links below for RETURN POLICY, and Liability Statement and TERM and CONDITION at the bottom of the web site.

Product Features

  • Hot water sensor and auto alarm.
  • Low and high water flow alarms to let you know where you are not getting maximum ionization.
  • Adjustable self cleaning intervals can be set to self clean at every 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80 liters of usage. This allows customers in low or soft water areas or those with Reverse-Osmosis filters to reduce cleaning frequency.
  • The M.A.X speaks to you for all functions and settings with adjustable volume or on off function.
  • Change filter notification.
  • Thoroughly tested and approved by both UL and CE organizations.
  • We use only BPA, lead, mercury, cadmium and iron-free materials and are ROHS compliant.
  • Ability to do periodic Citric acid cleanings without needing to purchase any special filters or products. Chanson’s permanent filter cup can be filled with the cleaning solution, and run effectively to clean throughout the machine. Eventually all water ionizers need this cleaning, regardless of how well the auto cleaning cycle works.
  • Integrated wall mount inserts on back of unit.
  • Quick connect plumbing for super easy install and minimal water leak potential.
  • Super lightweight and portable, weighs less than nine pounds.
  • Chanson electrodes are smooth and solid, no mesh or perforated plates used ever.

Product Specifications

Height 12" x Width 9.75" x Depth 5.5"

Effective Flow Rate
2 - 2.5 liters per minute at 45 PSI water pressure

pH Levels
1.8 to 12.1 with Laguna Hills CA source water

ORP Levels
+1,200 to -920

Number of Plates
7 at 2.76" x 6.38") (246.5 square in total surface area), 99.989% pure titanium with Chanson exclusive platinum nano coating

9.1 pounds

Filter Life
9000 L (approx.: 10 - 12 month of use)

98 degrees F

Water Pressure
8 - 70 PSI

Power Consumption
50-125 watts

5 micron silver impregnated coconut shell carbon block

NOTE: It is brand new but open box for photo. Never used.

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